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  Liv.52 Tablets
(Regular Strength)

The original Liv.52 tablets.

  Liv.52 Tablets
(Double Strength)

As the original Liv.52 tablets, but double strength.

  Liv.52 Syrup
Easy to take Liv.52 syrup, popular with the elderly.

  Liv.52 HB
For the treatment of Hepatitis B.

  Liv.52 Vet
Liv.52 Drops and syrup for Cats, Dogs, Kittens and Puppies.

Specially formulated for alcoholic liver diseases.

The only hepatoprotector with the L factor.

  Party Smart
Prevent hangovers, protect the liver whist drinking alcohol.

Liver, Kidney and Blood detox.

PURE HERB - Cleansing of Organs, Colon, Digestion, Blood Purifier and Rejuvenates.

  Home Liver Test Kit
Test your liver condition in the privacy of your own home.

  Home Family Health Screening Test Kit
Test your Liver, Kidney, Heart and Urinary Tract condition in the privacy of your own home.

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Research on using Liv-52 for Loss of Appetite

All research studies and clinical trials on efficacy of Liv-52 in Loss of Appetite

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